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White Dove 🕊️

The Electromagnetic energy combined with a big blast of white light at an amplitude of 80 hz.

What does this mean.  The solar flare is yet again as it’s peak -A physical activated momentum assisted by Divine intervention for unity, and oneness of our yin and Yang.   

This energy combination affects both our bodies physical form and energetic shift.

As our Cosmic Mother reveals itself its strength and remembrance.  Through the white light interjection, Our Celestial Mother Returns to take back her Sacred territory to assist the healing of both physical and spiritual -all that has been wounded from this timeline as we consciously allow this moment or we silently resist, we will be cued in or forced to experience the shifting in both our physical form and enlightenment.

The gradual increasing of the frequency of the white dove is the signs and synchronicities from the Great Spirit of our collective Shifting into one.   Not separate from each other but United yet with difference in teaching.

With the great stillness of the night as it triggers rest in our physical form, our Solaris continues to assist us in this great wholeness.  A wave of higher codes and frequencies is around us.  With continued stillness and consult we increase this connection with this Divine union that is upon us.

This is the news from our Celestial interstellar community.

As I move with the energy this arrival has been forecast from the creation of the music “we are one”

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Thank you for sharing these insights. This may explain why I was up most of the night. I was feeling wide awake and very energetic from Midnight to 3:30 am and with light sleeping from 3:30am to 4:30am I felt energy flowing through my body. Sat Nam. Pace i bene

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