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Solar Eclipse Energy: How to Tap into the Power of the Sun's Celestial Event

The Solar Eclipse has been such a popular awaited cosmic event. It has been discussed, seeded, confirmed and felt- its energy is a powerful one. It will make its way around 12:30ish pm CST tomorrow, April 8th. And will be at it's peak around 2pm in the office.

Tomorrow, the Eclipse will act like a magnet pulling the collective into each other as well as aligning us more into our path, the path which is highest and good for our growth. Be ever so keen to the signs leading up to tomorrow and after. Contemplate and play back if you forgot to observe on any teaching coming your way. External events may have or will happen that serves as reminder and teaching at the same time. Tomorrow's impact on our healing journey will be much louder., for some it will guide us to attend to our vulnerability, short coming, our fear, our weakness that most times we best put a mask of anger, frustration or subtle violence to ignore that what we need to truly heal.

On a personal, individual level. A sign that the solar eclipse energy is loud., birds flooded my day. Two cranes beside the road that prompted me to just BE and watch for a few seconds., then this wonderful lady waited on me and my family., her name is "Birdy" and again heading home, had to assist an injured bird under the rain in its passing., and while these signs are not loud enough. Birds nested by my porch window. What are these Birds teaching me?, what am I suppose to learn? what do they represent? What is its element? Everywhere, everyday are signs. Only today for my preparation and I'm certain for all of yours there are much more louder signs that need our attention.

During the peak of the Eclipse, you may choose or may not choose to simply connect either physically (to view) or energetically with this celestial event. If you have heard, read any heavier interpretation of its celestial contribution, I suggest you go back to the techniques you've learned and in the understanding Fear does not help but courage is then the absence of fear. Remember these powerful energies are inherently neutral. It is our human understanding, unresolved ideas which creates a lighter or denser duality.

I invite you to always encourage your being to BE. To connect into a higher healthier intention for yourself and all. This connection as any process, is individual yet as we each heal and evolve individually, we assist with the collective earthly evolution.

Remember all Beautiful Souls, All will fall well in its place the way how it should.

Much devotion to you and your work. My peace and more to all beyond human understanding.


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