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We hold your privacy to the highest respect.  To inform you how we use the information we collect in our website and your first session.

Our Policy:

At Channeling The Divine with Pauline, we do not have any intent nor desire to sell, share, or read your personal information to anyone except with having your consent and in the ways explained in this privacy policy.

This privacy policy was created to help you understand why we collect your information on our website and in your session.

What information does Channeling The Divine with Pauline collect?

When you subscribe to any of our newsletter, book online or fill out our form on your first visit, we collect certain information to finalize your online booking and or complete our standard office forms.

Some data listed are seen on our first visit forms and others are seen on our website and cookies.

Such information are not limited to your Name, phone number, email, address, and more.  

How Channeling The Divine with Pauline use the information we collect?

We may use cookie data, for measuring marketing traffic and website improvement.

We may use your personal information upon your request on our website by filling out website form and on your first appointment with your consent for appointment reminders, emailing new services and offers. 


Are all my information collected secure?

Your privacy is important to us as it is to you.  When booking online or on your appointments, we use Venmo, Paypal, Square to process sessions.  Your information is stored in an SSL encrypted database.

In addition, as we keep your privacy important and abide by our privacy policy, any electronic transactions cannot be guaranteed against security breach.  By visiting our website and giving us your information, you agree not to hold Channeling The Divine with Pauline responsible in the event this breach occurs.



If you do not wish to receive emails from us, please email channelingthedivinewithpauline@gmail.com, text or

call 224-944-4821 to stop the communication.  

Your consent to this privacy policy

By using this website you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy and will not hold Pauline or Channeling The Divine with Pauline liable to any unpreventable breach of your information. 

If you feel your privacy has been compromised, please email channelingthedivinewithpauline@gmail.com

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