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Trusting the Process!

I had the urge, divinely guided to write about our process....

Trusting the process we are directed... We can't rush it., our growth, our healing, our peace., it all relies in our ability to TRUST in our current process.

The attempt to quiet our mind to be able to Trust the process is very challenging - Our mind doesn't want to be "shhh.." Instead, we work with it & overtime our mind, & thoughts will be our ally.

Remember, when we get confused its not a distraction - allow to sit in it. Our confusion will direct us & point the way to what we require.

At the end of it all. Forgiveness!

Not because of... But Just! to reach one part of what we are seeking Peace, Love, oneness - FORGIVE!

Forgive everything., what was, what is & what is to come. The moves & understanding of another are things out of our reach therefore let it be - Allow!

Forgiveness is just because I KNOW YOU CAN! With no attachment to its outcome, its becoming - allowing the frequency of forgiveness to reach its full circle. This is one of our right to gift ourselves & others.

Forgiving ourselves for not yet ready to forgive, & with all our short comings to ourselves & others - Forgive!

Forgiveness - because LOVE doesn't leave unless we allow it.

In ALL of this - Purposely choose to keep your compassion, & TRUST your process of becoming

My Deep peace to ALL🌬️🕊️

Beyond human understanding ✨

Aham Prema!

Pauline Divine 🤍

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