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                                                              Policy and Terms of Payment

  • There will be no deposit or full paid service refunds for cancellations or re-schedules of services.

  • Cancellations & re-schedules MUST be made 72 hours prior to appointment or full session will be charged.  (this line is subject to a waiver under the definition of emergency.) 

  • All payments for any holistic healing sessions, coaching, and private one-on-one work with Pauline are 100% non-refundable once paid.  

  • Sessions are taken at your own risk and Pauline, Channelingthedivinewithpauline is not responsible for an individual’s reaction to the various modalities of energy healing during a session. 

  • Pauline, Channelingthedivinewithpauline LLC is not responsible for possible glitches with bank transfers, Paypal, or Skype.

  • The information provided during our session is not medical advice and should not replace any current medication and not be used as a prescription for your medical needs; it is to be used as assistance on your journey of spiritual and personal growth. 

  • Upon receipt of payment, it is indicated that You agree that you alone hold the power of decision-making and are totally and completely responsible for making decisions that affect your life following the commencement and completion of your session.

  • Upon receipt of payment, you have verified that you are at least 18 years old and voluntarily decided to participate in this session and have requested a session on your own free will.

  • Upon receipt of payment, you understand, agree, and accept that it is your responsibility to decide whether or not you require medical treatment and if you require such services to seek them on your own as needed.

  • Upon receipt of booking, shows you have read all necessary policies with regards to refunds, cancellation, reschedule & the work of Channeling The Divine with Pauline. 

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