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Understanding Amavasya : "Unlocking the Power of New Moon Shivaratri"

As all lunar shift has its own contribution to the collective energy.

This special upcoming New Moon on March 10th follows the sacred night of Shivaratri which was yesterday a special day March 8th. As Shiva a destroyer of fear and attachment. This arrival activates a profound energetic shifts of will of choice of karmic patterns that no longer serve us. This energy prompt a momentum to release, our old ways with loving ease and kindness. In these 3 days coming, it is prophesized loving intentions, prayers, is greatly expansive on these nights.

Therefore I deeply encourage to contemplate deeply. Be guided with this energies.

To those continuing with your work, with your new teachings., I invite you to walk softly yet with purpose and conviction on this nights. Allow soft ways, deep truth, and focused attention for your evolution. Work with this upcoming energy as always our spiritual work is never done.

'till our next meeting of hearts 💞

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