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Ray of Light

Signs of being a Lightworker

Everyone of us has a purpose.  Being a Lightworker, you have a specific mission. 

Signs you are a lightworker

  1. You Feel you are different. You always feel you were the odd one in your family, in school, at work or with your friends. You’ve always struggled to find your tribe with only very few people you call friend.

  2. You are not attached to this earthly plane, you feel there is more than this realm.

  3. Despite all the control systems in society. It goes against your being when someone tries to tell you what to do. You don’t like authority, despite rules in school or growing up, being controlled by anyone and anything. You feel deeply strong- freedom is what your soul wants.

  4. You have a strong desire to get  out of here(earth). You don’t like the systems, the people (majority), the laws that control you. Sometimes you just want to leave this Earth- not in a suicidal depressing way, but because sometimes you get tired of fighting worldly sleepers.

  5. You are not afraid to die because you believe this is not it. There is more.

  6. You can’t handle all the negative things that are happening in the world. You can’t handle hypocrisy of humans or the news.  It makes you very sad and makes you want to leave.

  7. You are fine talking about spiritual awakening, different densities, aliens, life after death because you know it all 

  8. You always had a sense that you are here for a reason. From a child you’ve always ask the origin of things of words and how it became.  

  9. You have always been the person who speaks the truth. You stand up for the truth and shake the ground and illusion of humans - say it like it is.

  10. Want to heal your own life in order to heal the world and people you meet.

  11. You want to make the world a better place.

  12. You have had a trauma experience as a child, which you have overcame and has made you stronger, independent and confident that you can take care of yourself. Light workers go through all their traumas because they are here to learn as fast as they can.

  13. You are interested in spirituality and all aspects of the word. Perhaps tarot cards, angels cards, feeling of being psychic, mediumship and all that metaphysics.

  14. Want to write, teach, help others like you through your healing experiences.  You want to show others how to get to their calling.

  15. You want to serve and help as many people as you can. Money is not really your motive, you don’t need much of it. Even though you’re not very social & prefer to be alone most times!!

  16. You are a powerful manifestor. Anything you focus on, comes to you. This is one of your powers, so use it wisely.

  17. You feel this awakening is leading to something big and great! You can feel it deep in your heart. 

  18. Feel called to shaken others illusion to help heal others

  19. You are aware of your own fears & others

  20. You get a message from the universe & your team – 911! 

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