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Leap of Faith

Believe it or not, when you make a leap of faith, you can accomplish almost anything you set out to do.

Most of us hears the call of our souls & hears its guidance, but due to the many aspects of ourselves that seem different from one another, we find ourselves contemplating those goals, desires of our spirit to either be outrageous or unattainable. In our mind's eye, we then stand at the edge of a precipice and look out over the abyss at the fruit of our ambition. We resist the urge to jump, paralyzed by the gap between our current circumstances and the journey of our dreams. Others make a leap of faith into the unknown, unsure of what they will encounter but certain that they will gain more in their attempts than they would bowing to self-protective instincts.

There is not a doubt that there will be no fear, or worry, but the practice of becoming one with this energy is to master courage to overcome what our current circumstance shows us.

If we find ourselves resisting to this call of our soul, we can strengthen this resistance by building a pathway of knowledge & wisdom. The more we comfort this resistance the leap we are lead to take, the smaller the gap between our circumstance & the unknown will appear to be. Our courageous leap of faith can bring us into uncharted territory, enabling us to build a new, more adventurous life. Although we may anticipate & expect that fear will be our guide on our journey across the abyss, we will likely discover that exhilaration is our constant companion.

W hen WE make this leap of faith, believing without a doubt that we will land safely on the other side, WE can accomplish almost anything we set out to do.

Trust that we are being processed to believe in ourselves. Make that Leap of Faith even if., true -we at the moment do not see what is on the horizon.

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