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New Moon in Cancer

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first astrology blog! In case you haven’t met me, my name is Maya & I am the astrologer for Channeling the Divine with Pauline. I’m so happy to share my love for astrology with you from time to time, to be better informed about the collective vibes & what to expect inside of yourself & from others.

Today is the New Moon in Cancer, which was exact at 1:32pm. Traditionally, New Moons are a time to sow seeds, both literally & metaphorically. Over the next 2 weeks, the Moon will build to fullness, as your intentions at the time of the New Moon start to play out. During New Moons, the Sun & Moon are in the place. The Sun represents our external self & the Moon represents our internal self in astrology. When the two are in alignment, we are able to see ourselves & our felt purpose more clearly.

However, not all New Moons are built the same. Every other planet in the sky offers its energy to the equation too. The way the planets aspect each other can either bring support or struggle. During this New Moon, the Sun & Moon in Cancer are closely opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, in Roman mythology, represented the underworld. Today, Pluto represents everything we try to bury below the surface— trauma, shame, guilt, powerlessness, etc. A New Moon in Cancer is already bound to be brimming with emotion, since Cancer is about feelings, security, nourishment, & home. The opposition to Pluto can turn our heightened emotions sour, & send our thoughts spiraling into despair.

This is not the best New Moon for manifesting rituals. Why? Because when we’re feeling extreme feelings, we’re not likely to make our wisest decisions. Instead of wishing for our external desires to be met & things to go a certain way for us, this New Moon, we can choose to seed something within ourselves. This New Moon offers us an opportunity to challenge ourselves to be present with all of our emotions, even when it’s hard.

Pluto makes us want to run away, it puts us into fight-or-flight mode, and often, we end up dissociating our mind from our bodies without really realizing it. Yet, the thing with Pluto is that it often feels like Pluto transits are trying to destroy everything we’ve created, when really it’s just trying to help us dissolve what isn’t helpful. When we shine a flashlight on our monsters, most of the time, we realize it wasn’t as scary as we had been building it up to be. Maybe the defenses we built to protect ourselves from what was hiding underneath have been doing more to hurt us than help us. In Roman mythology, nobody visited the underworld, Pluto, without coming back completely transformed. Once we face our fears & build the tolerance to be present instead of running away, we become new, stronger, & more radiant people.

Doing shadow work & dealing with Pluto problems isn’t easy. Perhaps what this New Moon in Cancer can teach us is how to approach our shadow work in a kind & gentle way to ourselves. Make sure we’re eating well, hydrating, sleeping, moving our bodies, & tending to our energy bodies. Especially in times like this, it can be really hard to just be in our bodies. The most regenerative thing we can do for ourselves is create a supportive space of our first home, our bodies. Nourish & thank our bodies for experiencing every moment of our lives, every feeling with us. Please take good care.

For more information on how this New Moon affects you personally, you can book a reading with me by selecting book now on the website. Each astrology event will affect people differently, based on where this interacts with your own birth chart. For example, if you have planets in Cancer, especially around the exact degree of the New Moon, this New Moon will affect you more intensely than others. And did you know that you can find out what area of your life will be lit up by the New Moon, based on what house contains Cancer in your chart? Personally, this New Moon is affecting my 10th house of career/public roles. Book now to find out what this New Moon means for you :)

Sat Nam,


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