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Full Moon in Aquarius

Hello everyone,

If you’ve been looking at the night sky lately, you might have noticed a radiant full moon! Today is the Full Moon in Aquarius, which was exact at 1:32pm. Full Moons are a time to practice gratitude & feel into the abundance of life. Once the moon starts waning, after the full moon is exact, we begin the process of release.

When the Moon is Full, the Sun & Moon are opposite each other. The Sun is currently in Leo & the Moon is in Aquarius. Signs opposite each other in the zodiac are said to be two heads of the same coin— they both get at the same theme, but in completely different ways. Leo is all about self-expression, performance, play, & taking center-stage. Aquarius wants to step aside & let others in the spotlight. Aquarius thinks about the collective, the future, & how to make the world a better place. Part of what makes full moons so intense, especially emotionally, is that we are reconciling with energies that seem to be pulling us in opposite directions.

When we are able to work with the energies of each of the opposite signs, we access the true power of the full moon. The Aquarius Full Moon brings into question how we immerse ourselves into a collective, without losing track of ourselves. The lesson here is finding community that enables us to express our most authentic selves. Full Moons are when emotions get heightened— how do we express strong feelings in a way that is considerate of the collective?

This Full Moon contains what’s called a “T-Square” to Jupiter, which can create friction. Jupiter expands everything that it touches, so it’s likely to make this Full Moon even more emotional & potentially even stir up some drama. At the same time, Mercury opposes Saturn, which has the effect of shrinking our perspective, making us feel anxious, like nothing will ever work out. The combination of these two aspects is a recipe for rage, blowing up & blowing things out of proportion. So we need to come back to the core of the Aquarius Full Moon. Our feelings are important & so are the feelings of everyone else around us. It’s not healthy to bottle up emotions, nor is it healthy to explode all over the place. Expressing our feelings is important & there are best practices for doing so. This is an opportunity to navigate & reflect on how we deal with strong emotions, without disturbing or hurting the people who care for us.

Sometimes sharing emotions with others can build bonds, other times it can fracture them, it’s all about how intentional we are in choosing how to go about this. If we feel on the verge of emotional outburst, is there a way to divert our feelings into something constructive— journaling, making art, or venting to someone who has the emotional bandwidth to listen? Remember, there is an emotional labor involved in supporting other peoples’ charged emotions, so it is kind to check-in with people before going on a rampage to make sure that they can handle it. This is easy to forget when Jupiter & Saturn are in tough positions during a Full Moon. If we find ourselves, consensually or non-consensually, on the receiving end of an emotional outburst, be sure to take extra good care to replenish ourselves. Even if we’re not feeling activated right now, chances are, other people around us are, so let’s be kind to ourselves & others this week & everyday.

For more information on how this full moon affects you personally, you can book a reading with me by visiting Pauline’s website. Each astrology event will affect people differently, based on where this interacts with your own birth chart. For example, if you have planets in Leo or Aquarius, especially around the exact degree of the full moon, this full moon will affect you more intensely than others. And did you know that you can find out what area of your life will be lit up by the full moon, based on what house contains Aquarius in your chart? Personally, this full moon is affecting my 5th house of creativity, play, & self-expression. Book now to find out what this full moon means for you :)

Sat Nam,


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