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A cause that matters!

I am deeply honored, Channeling the Divine with Pauline is approved & welcomed by O.U.R as I join forces with O.U.R. & their mission.

As we continue our journey to deeply healing, we feel, hear, & know of this silent yet to me very loud outcry of children held against their will. By shining light in this uncomfortable darkness, we can bring freedom to the children around the world. And heal the collective & ourselves. Their healing journey is one journey I will walk with.

I invite you to join me in supporting the cause. Every time you choose to deeply heal, & schedule a healing session, a portion will go to O.U.R. Effective July 2023.

Another way to support the cause is through their link https://ourrescue.org/?form=donate

I choose Love, Freedom, Healing for all.

Sat Nam Beloved!

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