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A Call to Diving Deep

We all are multidimensional. In order to reach the depth of healing we wish to gain access to, we must dive deeper to the deepest part of our being., the part of ourselves which our consciousness does not allow us because it is uncomfortable and it deeply hurts. All the more we have to by courageously doing so, we gradually free that of which needs to shine.

There are moments in our Life when we are urged to seek more. Our small adjustments to accommodate this call to change may even fail to alleviate the stagnancy or frustration, and again we are faced to hearing the call to dive deeper to find the right path to restart. Everything we need for success and happiness lies in our depth. But often times, life's ruble accumulates, building layers around our light making it difficult to access the wisdom we have within.

We must then find ways to assist us to dive below these layers to the deepest parts of ourselves.

Join me and others to a October Retreat of DIVING DEEP.

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