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Virgo New Moon

Hello everyone,

Today is the New Moon in Virgo, exact at 8:40pm. New moons occur when the sun & the moon are at the same degree of the same sign. The sun represents our external world & the moon represents our internal world. When the two are aligned, we are best able to see things clearly & set intentions that come from our higher selves.

Not only do we have the new moon in Virgo today, but Mercury is also retrograde in Virgo. There are a lot of misconceptions about Mercury retrograde being this big scary thing. Mercury retrograde is annoying— it can cause miscommunication, forgetfulness, & even our technology to glitch— but it will never cause anything too drastic. Mercury, the planet of thought & communication, goes retrograde for a reason, and that is to throw us off our normal thought patterns so we can reflect, reevaluate, & recalibrate.

Virgo is a sign that loves organization, perfection, attention to all the details, wellness, & being of service. With Mercury retrograde, the sun, & the moon all in Virgo, we may feel especially frustrated when things go wrong, even if it was something small. On top of Mercury retrograde, this new moon is sitting opposite Neptune, which compounds a sense of confusion, fog, and anxiety about the uncertain.

Yet, there is also a massive potential in this new moon for healing. The new moon is trining (in a harmonious relationship) with Jupiter, Uranus, AND Pluto. This doesn’t happen often that a new or full moon is in harmony with 3 outer planets (the more powerful planets) at once. Uranus is the planet of innovation, and can help us think in new ways when we’re confronted with things that don’t go right. Pluto helps us go beyond the surface meaning of things and confront our deeper fears. Bear in mind that whenever a new moon makes any aspect to Pluto, our traumas are closer to the surface and we can be easily triggered. Some of us will feel sucked into Pluto’s void, while others can use this harmonious aspect to the new moon to take care of some much needed shadow work. What we learn and unlearn at this time can become deeply engrained in us if we are intentional about change. Jupiter expands everything it touches, which serves to magnify the effect of everything else in this new moon chart.

The key to this new moon is expecting the unexpected, perhaps even waiting patiently to be thrown off guard, just to have an opportunity to re-wire our responses. Virgo is a mutable sign; flexibility is essential. Because Mercury is in retrograde and the new moon is opposing Neptune, I don’t recommend intention-setting or manifestation rituals this new moon. However, I do invite everyone to be intentional about what patterns we wish to re-wire. It could be anything from switching up something in our daily routines to changing how we apologize.

If you want to learn more about how this new moon in Virgo, Mercury retrograde, or anything at all in the sky affects you, you can book an appointment with me at Channeling the Divine with Pauline. Did you know that the 12 houses of your birth chart can tell you what part of your life is affected by each astrology transit? For example, Virgo is in my 12th house and this new moon is conjunct my North Node, so this new moon is calling me to tend to my spiritual world and my perceived life purpose. I also now have an email you can reach me at. If you have any questions about astrology, feel free to reach out to me at maya@channelingthedivinewithpauline.com. Take special care everyone <3

Sat Nam,


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