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A time for Nothing

Hello my beloved ✨ it has been a hectic several weeks.

Today, I purposely chose a time for nothing to restore health and a moment to restructure a time for reminder and accountability.

This message is to those needing a reminder.

Events, hurtful conflict, any difficult circumstances Give it it's time it's moment, then let it pass through, and then let it go. It is teaching us something we do not at the moment like to hear. Therefore, Trust in your luminous being, trust in the divine process- allow to sink., as we sink, we Rise better 💥

I encourage and recommend to allow that Divine light guide your ways that can help restore our health.

I encourage and recommend to find that Peace to go down deep and spread that light in your day- Your peace Not the worlds peace but yours., therefore find your peace 🤍 a practice I always insist.

A reminder to ourselves to stay open to ways that support our becoming. To be open to new healthy opportunities and clear any bias to make way for the light within and Divine show the way.

I call on the luminaries, the soul journeyers, the world shakers, the passionate Divine love to continue your deep healing. As I am here to support you and walk with you in this journey called life.

My love and peace beyond understanding 🤍

Until our next meeting of hearts 💕

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