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Sometimes we just miss home ♥️.

What is home? To others it is a tangible thing 🏠 , to some it is as simple as YOU.  And we all want to return.

Seeing that everyone is literally dealing with something and we try to negotiate to the heavens …. As I see I try to negotiate to the Divine mother …. Not knowing she has a better plan and teaching.  A teaching of 👇

To Trust the process and let go of any concept., let go of any expectations, of any certainty as we are all easily comfortable of what is planned and organized..... easy said than done….

Especially if you know and observe yourself that you collect every bit of pain of others as if you’d just like to energetically take it on …… cause uncertainty, struggle - it’s unfair to others as it would be on you ….. but know that we all have this human experience to journey home.

Know deeply that these uncertainties, these turbulence is a test and a practice of your grit.

Trust the process 🙏🏼

Trust You will return Home 🤍

Trust all will fall in place as it is needed to.

Exodus 14:14 🔥

Aham Prema! 🤍

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