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Another moment of competition. A reminder & invitation of a release & completion of what we are experiencing.. Is here another full moon.

Tonight, this full moon is inviting us to again look deeper within our hidden masks 🎭. We are still within the longest darkest nights., therefore it is still inviting us to contemplate in the shadows of our existence.

Tonight this moon brightens the sky and it is a definite reminder within the shadows of the longest night there is light. Within the light there is our shadow we might not want to see. I invite you to have courage to see your shadow. There might be fear, sadness, hidden beneath your awareness- choose to see it and then release with ease. This time is a moment of your completion.

Seek deeper care for ourself. The way we think, move and nourish our being is simple ways to reflect on self care. This is a time to continue stillness and make time to rejuvenate your energy as the animals during this time choose to rest it teaches us the same. Stillness and ease. A time to contemplate on our ways beneath the cold surface.

This is a reminder that there is inner work always .

Much love 💕

Pauline Divine

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