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Winter Solstice: Celebrating the Longest Night of the Year. A preparation celebration of New Beginnings

Last night was the commencement of the Winter Solstice. Darkness has reached its peak. This begins our journey from any sadness, grief of the fall elements into peace, solitude and new beginnings of winter which is the water element. This marks the longest night of the year, an invitation to face North a place of your ancestors and your past., an invitation to contemplate, be still and steady, listen and observe our inner voice.

We are called to journey into our own stillness and embark on our silent creative energy in preparation to the Imbolc in February. This is an invitation to give ourselves much more rest, align, and shed the weight we have been carrying. I invite you to put that weight down, regenerate and acquire new energy, reset in preparation for spring.

The energy of new beginning is upon us. Acknowledge all that is great, give thanks for all the teachings and opportunity of growth while moving through this darkest night., we are the light that brightens this time of reset. Tap into your authentic self; without the mask - just your essence.

Aligning with the winter element - water is all about Strength, Stillness, Courage, Wisdom and above all Grace. Contemplate and observe your being... we will know when we are not in alignment with the winter's element - it will take the form of Fear.

Remember, a reminder:

I am here to guide, teach, walk with you, assist and facilitate the ease of it all.

If you see yourself faced with the opposite of the element of winter. Reach out. Let us re-align, reset, gather and acquire new energy.

Much love beloved and have a wonderful soulful winter solstice.

Aham Prema

Pauline Divine

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