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Super Flower Moon

As we find ourselves welcoming yet another new teaching with open arms.

Why another strong week of learning? we might find ourselves asking....

Tomorrow, the moon will be accompanied by a lunar eclipse at 1:34 pm EST according to Nasa., therefore 12:34 CST. In addition to this information, we will experience both the energy of a full moon & lunar eclipse which is why it is very important to consistently be steady.

Take as much time to allow yourself to shed old ways & dance to the new. As you patiently give yourself time tomorrow & forward to blossom into the new you. Approach every thought with gratitude, kindness, patience & understanding. Embrace every part of you., from your strength to your weakness. Allow yourself to work with the collective energy that is happening tomorrow. Work with the energy to breakthrough, end & face your fear.

Purposely open yourself to rebirth through releasing old thoughts, releasing old reactions, & most importantly releasing long overdue trauma.

Tomorrow, find time to connect to the heavens & the earth. Visit a meadow, a park, a greenery & Give a gift of surrendering old ways while welcoming blossom of abundance of love, success & wealth. When you find yourself offering surrender of the old ways enter with humility & gratitude. Remember to connect.

Sat Nam!

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1 Kommentar

Gratitude for this message. It’s exactly what I needed to receive to be able to benefit from this here very special full moon. It’s been awhile since I have release during a full moon this year. I need to let go of the old me that is trying to remain comfortable in the new me. I am in control of me. until we meet again Pauline I will see you soon.

Sat Nam Queen🙏🏽

Gefällt mir
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