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Set yourself Free

Yes, we are fully aware of the great feeling of being FREE. Breaking the Chains that binds us. Our ancestral patterns, patterns that are not ours to begin with that we might not know we apply in our day to day lives. Patterns that does not serve us for our highest good.

We are called daily by our higher self to Break these chains to set ourselves Free.

Rewriting our future.

Go within, rediscover to heal your family line. To some of you, this could mean letting go of old ways. Old ways that might just have come from your mother, father, or grandparents. To others, healing trauma from the past that is not yours but of your family line.

We should be reminded that we carry seven generations of trauma. We do not consciously know another way of becoming therefore at times, we continue playing out these old patterns that are never ours. This patterns & ways become our default responses to triggering events.

This is a reminder to purposely choose to free up your own energy to rewrite your future.

What default patterns are you ready to let go & free yourself from? It is time to purposely choose to release, let go & break these chains setting yourself free from the patterns of your family line that is not serving you.

Deeply healing family patterns are the hardest to break.

If needed, seek assistance in this journey to freedom.

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