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New Beginnings

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Beloved, let us all welcome April. Thanks to the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19th., Doors are going to open for us this month. This is a month

of new beginnings and new opportunities.

This Eclipse is going to thin the veil and activate our soul journey, helping us to take a quantum leap forward. Mercury also stations retrograde this month, ending our spell of zero planets in retrograde since January. Mercury Retrograde will help to enhance our intuition and process the strong Eclipse energies.

As always it is time for us to trusting and surrendering to further allow such new beginnings to enter our lives, it is time to start making that leap.

When we make a conscious effort to vibrate trust, surrender and honor the tools the world gives us at our disposal, we are opening ourselves allowing the universe to support us.

Join us on our collective consciousness investing in connecting to ourselves & the Divine world around us. Especially this month, following April 19, the veil is thin.

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