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Back Pain
Physical Pain

Energy and Body work assist in your physical pain as I assist the flow of energy to move through your body, a sense of ease and relaxation takes place.  The elements of our bodies such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, have specific electrical charges and almost all our cells use these charge elements, called ions to generate electricity.  If we are in a state of emotional physical stress, these charges works against our bodies benefit.  Over time, energy and body work will reach your goal to minimal body pain. 

A Water Jug

In my sessions, I provide you with suggestions that worked for me  addressing Fibromyalgia and inflammation.   

I was diagnosed with this condition in 2017 and the path to my healing this symptoms  without traditional approach is an eye opener.   

Our body has its own approach to healing. 

My suggestions is based on my personal experience and do not suggest replacing any current approach.  

Flower in Hand
Mindfulness and Connection

Our thoughts and day to day activity could play a role in creating blockage and prevent the flow of energy in our body.  


With Energy healing, Thetahealing and Light Language.  It works hand in hand in a cellular soul level.  Tapping into the blueprint of your body's own way of healing during the session.   

Over time, as we heal our approach to our day to day activity and allow energy healing, your optimal goal to perform your day to day activity will be viewed in a different light. 

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