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Astrology- Year Ahead Analysis by Maya

An exciting account of what your future will unfold. Booking MUST be one week in advance

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 140 US dollars
  • South Riverside Drive|South Riverside

Service Description

Booking MUST be one week in advance. Astrology is an ancient system, rooted in the philosophy that the movements of the planets & luminaries in the sky and the relationships between these celestial bodies acts as a mirror to our experiences down here on Earth. A horoscope is a prediction of the themes that will be present in your life at a given point in time. Predictions are cast by looking at the relationship between the "transiting" (or current placement) of the planets and where they were at the time of your birth. In astrology, there is something called a "house system." It represent a different area of your life. When a planet transits through a specific house in your chart, that area of your life gets an energetic boost and may indicate important themes that pop up at the time. Because the houses in a chart are so sensitive to the time of birth, a horoscope can only be as accurate as the birth time. Upon booking, an accurate account of your time of birth is needed. It is at your best interest & recommend postponing booking this reading until you are able to find a copy of your birth certificate or contact the hospital where you were born. Hospitals will often provide you with your birth information if you contact them. If you were born in the US, you can obtain a copy of your birth certificate by visiting https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w/ and clicking on the state or territory where you were born. Follow the instructions, and be prepared to pay a fee, different in every location. Upon booking, Please answer via email or leaving a message on the check out box the following questions: 1) Name 2) Phone Number 3) Date of Birth 4) Location of Birth (Please include city, state/territory, & country) 5) Time of Birth 6) (make a checkbox) By checking this box, I verify that I have provided an accurate birth time and checked that it matches my birth certificate and/or hospital records. 7) (open response) Please describe any specific interests you would like me to focus on in our reading. For example, if you have any big events or plans coming up in the new year, you can describe it and tell me about major dates that you would like me to look deeper into the astrology for. You can also feel free to describe new years resolutions, things you would like to do in the new year, etc.

Cancellation Policy

Upon checkout, Please understand our office is fully booked, therefore it is very important to keep your appointment. When selecting Manual Payment, Please follow instruction of your selected down payment if down payment is not received within 24hrs, booking schedule will be released due to no deposit. For cancellation, please notify us within 24hrs prior to the appointment or you will be charged for the missed visit. Down payment is non-refundable for any reschedule or cancellation. Thank you for respecting our time & for your understanding.

Contact Details

  • Channeling the Divine with Pauline, South Riverside Drive, Gurnee, IL, USA

  • 887 S Riverside Dr, Gurnee, IL 60031, USA



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