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Workers of Light

Updated: Mar 7

We do not choose the path or the journey, it chooses us. It may allow us to think we have some sort of hand to our vibrational human understanding., this is to allow us to function in some normalcy - Remember, it chooses us. When we then find ourselves surrendering to the call of Lightwoker. Indeed you then choose to be in this path.

The purpose of the light is to shine and see in the dark. In theory, we do not need a light when its daylight. Only in the darkness you see the light and only in the light you observe the ways and space of the darkness. Therefore, be ready to see the darkness.

Those of us who would like to carry this title, do not fear it, do not complain about the darkness or negativity either - your job is to beacon that purest light, unaltered.

In my culture as well as others, we are deeply known as shadow walkers. Bringer of light amidst the darkness.

Bringing the light in any darkness yet remaining unaltered takes tremendous practice. You cant' rush this path, or your healing as darkness has its teaching. Learn to live in your darkness, walk in your darkness.

The more difficult and challenging it gets, all the more it is needed.

Carrying our own stones while performing this task is a very heavy, challenging way. Let go of old ways, biases,

When you feel you've achieved a luminous elevation, and feel you're done and even think possibly graduated., Your test and challenges will not stop but will arrive in a different degree., Why this? To elevate your luminosity.

Embrace it all! Surrender to the mystery of deeply healing!

Not for the mind.

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