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The Feminine Energy

We all know and talk about feminine energy.

What is it really? Yes, indeed it is Love, compassion, nurturing., while all these are true.,

In a nutshell......

The Feminine energy is Dark. I can give you so many examples as to why it is. From the depth of the ocean, the womb of the mother, where life begins., it is all dark.

This darkness is where all it begins., and in this place you will find what it is you need to work with.

Our mind sometimes associates dark with bad, or solitude as bad or not normal. It is the Fear we have that connects this ideas and makes it real.

For those that have ventured into a Sacred Retreat such as Ayahuasca in the deep forest of Peru, there is zero light. Feminine always requires you to deal with your depth. This is where the energy of creation begins.

When we truly allow to see ourselves in our darkness - we will see our LIGHT.

If everything is made of energy and energy can not be destroyed therefore all we need to do is SEE it and maybe then we can have the answer to the question we truly seek.

I can not walk this path for you. But I promise I will be here with you.

Aham Prema

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