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Pisces Full Moon

Hello Everyone,

You know the saying, ‘once in a blue moon’? Well, today is a blue moon, which is the rare 2nd full moon in one month. August was bookended by two full moons, which means it’s been an emotional month! It’s time to check in with ourselves. What emotions have we felt over the last month? Today’s full moon is in Pisces. Full moons already tend to fill our cups with emotion. A full moon in Pisces dissolves the vessel that contained our feelings, and lets them merge with the ocean. We gain more access to what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious.

While a full moon in Pisces may lead us to bliss out, have strong insights, cry endlessly, other parts of today’s astrology ask us to be mindful of ourselves as a container. During full moons, the moon is opposite the sun, so the sun is in Virgo, which is where we are also currently going through a Mercury retrograde. Sometimes Mercury retrograde gets hyped up to be scarier than it is. Mercury goes retrograde for a reason, and it is to shake things up enough for us to review, refine, recalibrate how we think and how we communicate. Because Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, it asks us to reconsider how we organize our routines and take care of ourselves. Over the past month, how have you been coping with strong emotions? How much time and energy do you spend on self care?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I only get the things done that I actively carve out time for. Boundaries are such powerful tools because they allow us to carve out a space for ourselves and our non-negotiable needs to be met. With this full moon sitting in Pisces, which tries to dissolve all boundaries, across from the Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, which does such a good job of containing it all in one perfect package, now is a good time to think about what parts of us we contain, and what parts of us we let loose. For one, our bodies are a vessel for our organs and biological processes, yet our spirits can journey and gain insight from the pool of collective unconscious. Can we be present for both? If we care for our physical bodies and show up for the monotony of daily life, can we be better equipped to show up for the things that are bigger than us, like community?

One more thing— this full moon may have us feeling depressed or lonely, because the moon is sitting right next to Saturn. Saturn tends to bring us down to reality— it’s heavy and it’s about the consequences of our actions. This is especially why it’s so important right now to carve out time for ourselves to find rest and rejuvenation. An excellent way to spend the Full Moon in this watery sign is by immersing yourself in a nice warm bath. The wisdom of the Sun in Virgo is that sometimes the little things you do for yourself can have an impact larger than you would think, because self care is community care.

If you would like to find out what this full moon means for you specifically, please feel free to book a reading with me. Personally, this full moon is happening in my 6th house of work and health, where I have had MAJOR changes over the past week! If you are really feeling down this full moon, our reiki and bodywork services are available for you as well. Take good care!

Sat Nam,


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