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Mark Your Calendars: The Spectacular First New Moon of 2024 is Coming

An exciting challenging yet again amazing preparation working with the energy of the planetary bodies.

In two days, we will welcome our ever first new moon of 2024 after the intense solar flare calming and for some we felt and might still feel the intense emotional outbursts., practice the tools given to you.

We are yet again faced with more invitation to continue looking inward on 1/11/2024 (as a fan of numerology) this particular invitation is more powerful as it lands on the energetic portal of new beginning - 1118 (a time of New beginning & Fresh opportunity).

We will be invited to a few realization on how our relationship is with structure, discipline and self governance. Realization on how you assert yourself with this relationships within yourself will help you in your journey to growth and healing. We will be invited to pay close attention to our feelings and look deep into our ego.

What is this Ego? (short version...) We can elaborate when we see each other.

It is our filter. It is our deep belief, desires, ideas and fears from the past that we happen to put together in our mind to create this label and identity for ourselves to help us face the future. It is what might just be blocking our full potential because we already have a label for ourselves.

There is definitely no such thing as perfect, while accepting our flaws will help us to find ways to combat old patterns and behaviors that truly do not serve us.

How do we treat opportunities and an invite to New Beginnings?

I personally greet it with arms wide open! with little to No condition. My heart uncertain but on fire with full on YES!

I will not allow myself to dance around it or leave it on the side or a post-it and I definitely will not lack appreciation for those who have guided me towards growth.

I prioritize moving with as much gratitude, and uncertain YES - Trusting that I am fully supported.

Contemplate, Discern, Realize with no judgement but with kindness How do you treat opportunities and an invite to New Beginnings?

As this year 1/1/2024 started with the dragon, a symbol of strength, wisdom, grit, grace, power, compassion, success and luck. With the great Pachamama activation of the ring of fire magnitude earthquake in Ishikawa Japan., this activation triggered celestial events of 19 hertz and rising then now followed by the New Moon coming on 1/11/2024 the energy of "NEW" is heightened.

2024 is a year of more gathering, the heavens anchoring much deeply into our 5D.

The importance of this is not how much we can take, but how much of our time and resources can we give and share with outmost authenticity.

Another great opportunity to kick off your self discovery in preparation. As this new moon come to full bloom, restructuring your thoughts, actions, and ideas, this is important as the planetary energy has the capacity to assist at this moment due to its governance. Yet, the responsibility is yours to work with the available upcoming energy.

This said, a tool that I have lovingly facilitated a 111 page Journal you might just find useful.

Much Love and Peace

Pauline Divine

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