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Let us NEVER Doubt our intention!

On our spiritual journey, we also need to learn how to manage "Backsliding". We all face this challenge., Self-doubt. We start this path of awareness and some of us remember making some form of commitment with ourselves to align our life with our spiritual calling. And despite of this profound declaration, we also find ourselves backsliding and even sometimes falling into old ways., as this wave of thoughts and possible old patterns surround us, we then start to doubt our own authenticity of our initial intention.

While this is all a common experience and it might seem that it is true you've paused and returned a few or all of the old ways or patterns., it doesn't entirely work that way.

Just because you had a profound commitment and made a choice to align, it doesn't mean you're never going to backslide or make mistakes. We do not cease to be human., therefore we are still going to keep encountering our old patterns, This does not mean anything but just that - You are human. The profound commitment, intention and strength of your promise to align is then revealed in these moments of realization.

Therefore, when you find yourself sidetracked do not allow yourself to doubt your promise and pure intention. It is in this self-doubt becomes a greatest form of spiritual temptation to create a story around your commitment and your own spiritual journey and this is a catalyst to falling into the ego's trap.

In conclusion, when we backslide, or get sidetrack., instead of falling into self-doubt and beyond, work with this setback as opportunities to take your observation of yourself. Ask, what is it teaching you? Why did you cave in? when we respond this way, we grow interest of our patterns and therefore will strengthen our commitment to ourselves to align.

This is how we make real progress. Be love, Be gentle, Be patient with ourselves.

Aham Prema!

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