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Full Frost Moon is calling!

After today's attunement of Usui Reiki Second Degree, as the energy is intense.,

I was pulled to look into the ongoing of the moon today, it was made to be known to me., we are energetically in preparation for a full moon to reach its pinnacle tomorrow Nov. 27th at 4:16 EST.

Full moons represent the end of a lunar cycle. With this energy coming into its fullness & the additional solar storm we just experienced, we are ones again being called into balance., inviting us to peacefully communicate, observe our own thoughts & how these thoughts project into our reality. In addition to what we are being called to focus on, this energy will merge with the welcoming of Decembers winter solstice.

I encourage you to allow yourself to work with the energy given in order to integrate any balance, healing and letting go,

Meditate with these codes that came from grace. Allow yourself to mirror you and others to practice understanding your reality. I invite you to close your eyes, deep breathe and set an intention of healing.

Aham Prema

Pauline Divine

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Thank you so much Pauline Divine for sharing this Full Moon Frost Calling. I was spending the day in meditation and contemplation was in my car looking up at the full moon and praising all Creation. I opened my myself totally at 4:16 to receive energy, balance and healing. This was so special being outside when I got your message. I was feeling very peaceful and love. Friar JD

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