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With Loving Awareness

To Self:

How am I really ? Tell me, I am here to listen?

.... for those brave enough and not so brave .... read along 🌬️🤍 if it resonates digest slowly... if it doesn't carry on lovingly 💕

Grief, Pain, emotions travels through families until someone is ready to feel it., heal it., and release it.

For many of us, generational curses are avoidance.  It is true, very challenging and difficult to face.  And we do the journey of healing as if it’s a cure of our being.  It is the part of our lineage that needs to be seen, embraced and released with understanding and love.

At times, some of us., we find ourselves having difficulty and we might have come from people who just act like it didn't happen, swept under the rug, and not spoken about.

But this kind of emotions events and moment of pain demands to be felt., seen., and understood.  And somewhere along the line, a child will be born whose charge it is to feel it all.

That child is me and might be many others reading this post in this present moment.

And so like many other spiritually gifted humans, empaths, Seer, and healers, through the religion I was brought up in, these magic are labeled as evil because of what we are able to do and see beyond this physical world.

Society might have called it as mental health, mood swings, depression, and labels our magic as, all sorts of imbalances. But we are the ones who were born with the magic of immense feeling and capability to assist our lineage.

We just need guidance 🤍 in navigating this release.

And as we all know.... We can't heal the pain that we continue to refuse to feel.

Much work still needs to be done …..

With deepest love, peace beyond human understanding 🌬️✨🤍

Aham Prema 💕

Pauline Divine

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