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An invitation to constantly evolve: The age of the water-bearer

Today a monumental planetary shift happened, The Age of light deepens. We are in a energetic vibration of progress, creation and innovation. A continued invitation to mastering your truth and purposely choose to transform old ways., seeking to restructure your ways is the energetic path. A continued energetic invitation to challenge your old misaligned patterns and self identification of distorted templates within your day-to-day. This energetic invitation for the collective consciousness will continue to unfold in the next 20 years.

How can we apply and work with this current energetic shift?

We can decorate our homes with all the crystals, or work with smudging sage or herbs, or even read & learn all we want - if we aren't doing the soul path, the dirty work in getting to know our deepest pain and energetic aligning ourselves to our soul path., it is all just a novelty.

A time to embrace, seek out new opportunities.

Enlightenment, awakening, mindfulness is a challenging path to take. This is a path to deeply heal. Take what we have learned and practice it. This moment is also inviting us to deepen our seeking and apply it to our day-to-day.

Moving with this energy will be followed by an energetic invitation to polish our discernment.

While the energies are here to assist our journey, Our path is in our hands, the best way is to show up for ourselves and just begin.

The many ways you can be supported:

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