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A time to weigh. A time to balance


It started on Sept 23 & will commence in November...

The natural flow of life, its ebb & flow, will continue to bring us challenges that will test our grit & most importantly our spiritual growth. These challenges must inspire us to truly deepen our connection to our spiritual work.

At times, we try our hardest to think our way out of this physical power through our minds doing, our will, or our personal & planetary initiation/ label we are in. This way might work temporarily - it is NEVER sustainable.

We are in the collective energy of weighing our circumstances, our on-going events, to weigh in our day to day teachings., at this very moment the Sun & Moon are calling us to balance our darkness with light. It is a call to balance our day to day dealing & our narrative we play in our mind. Not only around this time, but every moment of our existence, we are being asked to dive deeper into our own darkness to bring out the light., to bring out our lesson we must apply to our reality & create the shift we are seeking.

This planetary shift is a reminder that what once worked may no longer be effective, creating that ripple to adjust your routine.

We must learn to live a new way of life. Shift the disharmonious pattern we have created. There are no compassionate spiritual teachers who can do your personal work for you. But I will walk with you, inspire you, teach & show you to perform your own work,

We are in this energy until November. Take this opportunity for inner growth, letting go of older routine & embrace change with open heart.

Aham Prema!

Pauline Divine

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